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Togo Launches International Tender for Construction of Solar Power Plant in Dapaong

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Togo Launches International Tender for Construction of Solar Power Plant in Dapaong

Togolese authorities have recently issued an international tender for the designation of an energy company responsible for constructing the photovoltaic solar power plant in Dapaong, located approximately 610 km north of Lomé.

Strengthening National Energy Infrastructure

According to details from this tender, as seen by Togo First, the selected contractor will be tasked with the design, supply, and installation of the Photovoltaic Plant and Storage System within an execution period of twelve (12) to sixteen (16) months. Offers are expected until June 4, 2024.

Impact on Electricity Access

The implementation of this project aims to increase Togo’s energy capacity and expand national coverage. The country has set a goal to achieve a 70% electricity access rate by the end of 2024.

A Step towards Energy Independence

This project aligns with initiatives deployed by Togolese authorities to achieve the country’s energy independence and address the energy crisis affecting the region. It is carried out under the Emergency Program for Strengthening Resilience in the Savanes Region (PURS) and RESPITE.

Technical Details and Financing

The Dapaong solar plant, located in Dalwak, will have a capacity of 25 Megawatts-peak (MWp) over an area of more than 115 hectares, with a battery storage system of 40 Megawatt-hours. A financing agreement of approximately 40 billion FCFA has been signed between a multilateral financial institution and Togo for this project.

A Regional-scale Project

The project benefits from substantial support from the World Bank, amounting to $311 million, with the aim of increasing electricity access in several countries in the region, including Liberia, Sierra Leone, Chad, and Togo.

Future Outlook

This solar plant will complement other ongoing projects, including the extension of the Blitta plant to 70 MWp, as well as the construction of two other plants in Sokodé and Kara, with installed capacities ranging from 60 to 80 MWp. Mini solar grids are also planned to serve 317 rural communities, as part of Togo’s ambition to achieve universal energy coverage by 2030 and increase the share of renewable energy to 50% in its national energy mix.

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